Hull House

Two MIT engineers visited this Hull Mass. house for sale overlooking Boston harbor and after a brief negotiation along the beach at Barefoot Bob's they quickly bought it.  For the past couple of years they and their kids have been getting to know the house, the community and enjoying the views.  They now have engaged Rose Wood Architects to help them undergo major renovations.  The project will include a substantial reconfiguration of the interiors including new wiring, new mechanical systems (including a ground-source geothermal heat pump for heating and cooling), new kitchen, bathrooms, master suite, etc.  We will also be lifting the entire house up 6" to dig out a full basement workshop and install new foundations (a previous owner had "successfully" supported the house in the crawl space on salvaged telephone poles - see photo below).  At the exterior we will wrap the porches around the entire house, make massing changes at the east elevation as well as improvements to the building envelope (new windows, air sealing and insulation).  On the third floor a new large dormer will allow for a martial arts studio and office.