I cannot describe well enough what a lovely home you have made, and how fortunate I feel to be the one who resides here.  The house is light, airy, serene, elegant and yet - as you so aptly put it "unpretentious."  I am totally captivated by it, and at home.  Thank you all for you vision and your awesome capacity to make it real!



You helped us figure out things we could never have imagined - Thank you!



From time to time we have looked at other apartments.   The long and short of it is that nothing comes close to the one you designed for us.  Not anywhere near close!  People continue to exclaim, Wow! when they reach the top floor (and that's not just because they made it up three flights of stairs).  Just thought you'd like to know.



We loved the design innovation, as well as the community-based means that were chosen to build it

Award Citation


What a grand improvement.  Thank you!



Thank you! We love our new/old home.



Its hard to forget this little house.  It seems to crystallize a kind of peace...You feel both calm and alert, very much as you do in a ceremonial Japanese teahouse.

Boston Globe Article


And THANKS again for being brilliant and creative!!




Selected Client List



Boston College

Boston Food Bank

Casa Myrna Vazquez Women's Shelter

Children’s Art Center

Friends of the Shattuck Shelter

Harvard University

Hawthorne Youth & Community Center

Sisters of the Sacred Heart

South End Community Health Center

United South End Settlements



Braddock Pharmacy Boston, MA

Kosmos Market Boston, MA

Historic Boston Inc. Boston, MA

L’Espalier Restaurant Boston, MA

Point Zero Restaurant & Bar Boston, MA

Wally’s Café Boston, MA



Crane Properties Various sites, East Cambridge

MIT Political Science Department 

Visual Perception Research Project



Boston Public Facilities Department

Storefronts, residences. Various sites, Boston

Casa Esperanza Boston, MA

Casa Myrna Vazquez (various sites) Boston & Cambridge, MA

Friends of the Shattuck Shelter Boston, MA

Walnut Hill School Art Center Natick, MA


Multi-Family Residential

Braddock Apartments

South End, Boston, MA

Phil C. Bradley Housing Partnership

South End, Boston, MA

Carpenter Apartments

South End, Boston, MA

Garrity Apartments

South End, Boston, MA

Mel King/Reed Trust Apartments

South End Boston, MA

Ratner Wood Trust

Dorchester, MA

Riccio Residences

North End, Boston, MA

Rodriguez Apartments

South End, Boston, MA

Rose-Wood Apartments

Roxbury MA

van der Kolk Apartments

2 sites, Boston, MA

Walsh and Sons Apartments

Dorchester, MA

Wood Apartments

South End, Boston, MA


Single Family Residential

Batson Residences

2 sites, Boston, MA

Beardslee Residence

Cambridge, MA

Black Residence

Roxbury MA

Charles Residence

Dorchester, MA

Claff Residence

Milton, MA

Coolidge Residences

Beverly and Cambridge, MA

Center Sandwich, N.H.

Coplon/Frank Residence

South End, Boston, MA

Doerfer Residences

Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Hardwick, MA Three sites in Maine

Faculty Residence for Harvard University

Cambridge, MA

Fenichel Residence

Watertown, MA

Frankl Residence

Brookline, MA

Gaddish-Nathanson Residence

South End, Boston, MA

Gluck Residence

Cambridge, MA

Hilton Residence

Mission Hill, Boston, MA

Hyun Residence

Cambridge, MA

Kopp Residence

Watertown, MA

Lawry Residence

Weston, MA

Levin Residences

Boston and Charlestown, MA

Malcom Residence

Jamestown, R.I.

Maynard Residence

Jamaica Plain, MA

Mordecai Studio, Boston, MA

Mordecai Residences, Weston MA and

Glouscester,  MA

Obermeyer Residence

Newton, MA

Sass Residences

Boston, Brookline and Truro, MA

Walling Residence

Mission Hill, Boston, MA

Walsh Residence

Canton MA