Bradley Yards - Phase I

This landscape project involved renovations to the rear yards of a city block in the South End of Boston.  The client was a low-income housing co-op.  The yards had traditionally been used as makeshift gardens but had fallen in disrepair.  The clients approached us with the goals of renovating the gardens, adding a community meeting space and a dedicated place for pig roasting (the predominantly Puerto Rico residents hold communal pig roasts a few times a year).  There was also an issue of recurring flooding to the yards and basements that required attention.  This was all done within a limited budget.  Our solution was to dig out the yards to provide proper drainage, install fly-ash permeable pavers, rain barrels, attach wooden screen to the existing metal fencing and to reconfigure the space to facilitate large and small gathering spaces.  We also added stainless steel fasteners and cabling to grow twining and flowering vines on the retaining walls.  There is a plan for a pig mural at the roasting area but an artist has yet to be identified.